Tourist Information Doesn’t Have to Feel Informational

A degree in Journalism is enough to deter anybody from the “news” industry. Naturally, a career in writing advertising copy for multinational corporations beckoned... But being a natural storyteller is a power which can be used for good as well.

Globe UNLTD - pronounced “Globe Unlimited” - is a brand dedicated to the art of storytelling. Dedicated to the iconic cities of the world, and importantly we're here for our fellow dreamers.


We're Pretty Much Travel Buddies

It isn’t enough just to provide surface-level tourist information. We want you to be captivated by the stories which made the great cities of the world what they are today.

We craft narratives with our audience in mind: What questions are people asking? How does a location's history enhance its modern-day appeal? Which facts have the potential to transform the way you look at a city?

Reading our stories will feel like you're leafing through a hardback book. The stories we unearth will resonate into your conversations, as much as they do into your travels.

Whether you rarely get the chance to travel further than the end of the street, or you're running out of pages in your passport. With Globe UNLTD, your friends and family will assume you're a seasoned globetrotter.


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