What is the Best Continent to Visit? Here Are the Top Places to See in the World

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North America
South America


Must-see Attractions on Every Continent

North America:

Kick off your North American exploration with a visit to the travel destination atop most people's bucket lists, the Statue of Liberty located in New York City, USA. The iconic statue welcomes visitors to the land of opportunity.

South America:

Head to Rio de Janeiro in Brazil to soak in the energy of Christ the Redeemer statue, an awe-inspiring marvel atop the Corcovado Mountain. If we're looking for the largest city on each continent, with South America in the spotlight, Rio is only dwarfed by fellow Brazilian mega-city Sao Paolo and Argentinian capital Buenos Aires.


Europe is a continent synonymous with its lack of skyline defining skyscrapers. So, begin your European adventure in Paris, where the Eiffel Tower stands tall, offering a mesmerising view of the City of Love. The train links between countries in Europe makes it many people's best continent to visit.


Venture to Cairo in Egypt, where a worthwhile day trip will behold the grandeur of the Great Pyramids, a testament to ancient engineering and human history.


You'll be visiting one of the most famous places in the world with the Great Wall of China. This popular destination is a world wonder, stretching across the hills north of Beijing; it showcases China's rich cultural heritage and history of former architectural prowess.


Does Sydney's Opera House make Oceania the best Continent to visit? There's no doubt that it is an architectural masterpiece and a symbol of Australia's vibrant arts scene, located in New South Wales.


Combine Continents – the Best Continents to Visit in One Trip

For you to work out once and for all what is the best continent to visit, consider a journey that combines continents. Start with a captivating adventure across the Americas, exploring the vibrant culture of South America and the diverse landscapes of North America.

For the ultimate globetrotting experience, head to Europe and Africa, two continents boasting both historical richness and natural beauty. When seeking out the best places to visit on each continent, be sure to note the architecture in this part of the world as it transforms from Scottish castles, to French chateaus, stunning Spanish settlements with North African influences, down throughout the continent of Africa itself. So, from the ancient ruins of Rome to the awe-inspiring Serengeti in Africa, the blend of cultures and landscapes will leave you enchanted.

Lastly, some of the most beautiful cities in the world can be found when you venture to Asia and Oceania. Be sure to immerse yourself in the traditions of Asia and bask in the sun-soaked beaches of Oceania. This unique itinerary promises a world tour that's diverse, enriching, and unforgettable.


Long-haul on a Budget? Be Available to Travel Last Minute

There are some top places to see in the world and travelling long distances opens a world of adventure. However, wherever you are in the world, hitting up the most popular city in each continent is going to require some serious air miles. For the budget-conscious explorer, seizing last-minute deals can be a game-changer. Have a bucket list of far-flung destinations and keep your schedule flexible. Airlines often offer discounted fares for imminent departures. Having an arsenal of pre-planned itineraries for your dream destinations allows you to grab these deals as soon as they pop up. Stay spontaneous, be open to unexpected journeys, and embrace the thrill of last-minute travel, to say you've got a true measure of the best travel countries across the globe.

Set a Realistic Timeline to Visit the World's Continents

Embarking on a journey to be able to definitively tell your friends which is the best continent to visit is a thrilling endeavour. However, savouring each destination is vital. Don't rush; travel is not a checklist but an experience. Set achievable goals. Plan trips that align with your lifestyle and your resources. Travelling is a marathon, not a sprint. Enjoy every city you explore, absorb its culture, taste its cuisine, and appreciate its history. Let the joy of discovery guide you to the best city on each continent... and maybe the second best, third best and fourth best too!


Diverse Landscapes on Each Continent

The best continent to visit for you, may be dictated by your geographical preferences. Each continent offers a kaleidoscope of landscapes and climates. Europe boasts picturesque countrysides, blending seamlessly with historic cities. Africa's savannahs and deserts are as breathtaking as its bustling metropolises. Asia flaunts serene beaches and awe-inspiring mountains, but has also had to build its cities with monsoon season in mind. North America showcases diverse terrains, from rugged mountains to vast plains, and frozen tundras to cacti-infused desert-scapes. Oceania's islands, big and small, offer paradisiacal coastlines, while South America stuns with cities sitting shoulder-to-shoulder with its Amazon rainforest and the climbs of the Andes mountains further south. Geography has shaped each continent's cities; each one a masterpiece reflecting its surroundings, making them all top places in the world to visit, in their own unique ways.

Fascinating Cultural Differences Between Parts of the World

As you hop from country to country, ticking off the best cities by continent on your city breaks list (which seems to be getting... longer?), prepare for an enriching tapestry of cultures. Discover diverse traditions, languages, and customs. In Asia, honour is paramount; bowing is a sign of upmost respect. In Europe, the focus is on understanding its history and art, with centuries-old heritage woven into daily life. Africa's rituals and dances are deeply ingrained in community bonds and can make it one of the top travel places in the world, if you meet the right people. The Americas celebrate a melting pot of cultures, each contributing to its unique identity. Embrace these cultural nuances for a truly global experience, and to discover which traditions make your favourite part of the world the best continent to visit.


Cuisines Unique to Each Region

The best places to go travelling are often not just top travel countries, but are also the cities with the best food scene. Delve into a world of flavours, as each continent serves a distinctive culinary journey. Europe entices with delectable pastries and fine wines. Asia delights with its spicy and aromatic dishes. African cuisine boasts a rich blend of herbs and truly unique flavours. The Americas offer diverse dishes from hearty burgers to exquisite seafood. Oceania's fresh, locally sourced produce forms the heart of its meals. Whether looking for the best places to go for a city break, or embarking on a worldwide gastronomic adventure, savour each continent's signature flavours and maybe even bring some back to your own dishes at home!

Historical Evolution Shaping Cities

Delving into the history of major cities, you'll uncover how wealth, conquests, and time have shaped their evolution. The best continent to visit can often be defined by the honesty of its cities' unique chapters of history, reflected in their modern day attractions. In Europe, the remnants of ancient civilisations are woven into the fabric of cities, narrating tales of power and prestige. Asia showcases a blend of traditional architecture with modern marvels, symbolising growth and adaptation. The Americas stand as a testament to its native peoples, settlers, struggles, and the birth of independence. Africa's cities echo the scars of colonisation and the resilience of its people. Oceania's urban development intertwines with its Indigenous heritage. Understanding this historical backdrop enhances your appreciation for each city's unique narrative. Will you be going to every country in the world after reading our articles? Let us know on our socials @globeunltd